CES – Kwilt Introduces Second Generation Personal Cloud Smart Hubs

LAS VEGAS – Kwilt showed its second generation personal cloud smart hubs, the Kwilt2 and Kwilt3, at this week’s ShowStoppers event.  Mac-Antoine, CEO & Co-Founder, took a moment to demonstrate the company’s system.

Kwilt3 Device

First, you need to place the Kwilt device on your network via either Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  Next, you’ll have to add some drive(s) to store your content on up to three of the USB ports.  Once you’ve done this, you can start adding content, via either the Kwilt app, or by using either the SD Card slot or the USB Input port.  You can also add content from social media sources like Facebook and Instagram.

Kwilt App

Once you’ve added content, you can then view it with the Kwilt app.  You can view the data via many criteria, such as media source, date, or location.  There’s also an HDMI port on the Kwilt device if you want to view your media on a larger screen.  And coming in Q1 2019, you can interact with Kwilt with a Mac or PC native client.

The difference between the Kwilt2 and Kwilt3 is speed.  The Kwilt2 has USB 2.0, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and a 1.2 GHz processor.  The Kwilt3 has USB 3.0, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and a 1.5 GHz processor.  The Kwilt2 is US$89, the Kwilt3 is US$149, and you can shop for them here.

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