Apple Beta Testing Improved iCloud Photos Interface

icloud photos beta

Apple is now beta testing a number of improvements to Photos, with the hope of narrowing the functionality gap between the online service and the company’s native macOS Photos application. As spotted by¬†MacMagazine, the new features include sidebar navigation of photos types and albums, the ability to select and manage multiple photos at once, and support for the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

icloud photos public
The current public build of iCloud Photos.

The beta iCloud app also mirrors the Mac’s Photos app interface for viewing full-sized images. In the beta app, when a photo is double-clicked to view full-size, the remaining photos in the album or collection are displayed in a horizontal layout below, allowing for the user to quickly jump between shots. In the current public build of the iCloud Photos app, the user must go back and forth between a full-size view of an individual photo and the list of the remaining photos in the album.

icloud photos beta
The new beta layout of iCloud Photos.

Registered users interested in testing the new features can log into their iCloud accounts at Apple’s iCloud beta site. As with all beta software, some features may not work as expected and users should access the site at their own risk.

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