Kwikset Premis HomeKit-Compatible Smart Lock

Kwikset recently introduced Premis, the company’s first Apple HomeKit-compabitle touchscreen smart lock. We received a demonstration of the new product from Marty Hoffmann, VP of Marketing, and here are the features we think you’ll like.

HomeKit Smart Lock

Being compatible with HomeKit offers several options to monitor and control the lock without having to use the physical key or touchpad.  One can use Siri voice to unlock or check the status of Premis, and you can remotely access the lock using Apple TV (3rd generation or later). Users can also control it with the Apple Home app on an iOS device.

Then there’s the Kwikset Premis app, which offers the ability to program up to 30 unique user codes, check lock status, lock history and battery life, lock scheduling, and receive lock status notifications.

Kwikset Premis HomeKit Compatible Smart Lock
Kwikset Premis HomeKit Compatible Smart Lock

Setup and the Smudge Attack

Using the touchscreen to lock and unlock the Premis seemed odd at first, since we first had to cover the entire screen with our hand, then enter a random two digit code, and then enter a four digit code hard coded for demonstration purposes.

We then learned about a “smudge attack” where someone who wants to open the lock could just look for residue on the keypad to help guess a code to open it.  By introducing two random digits before entering the code (SecureScreen) this type of attack isn’t possible.

Kwikset Premis is available now with a, MSRP of US$229.

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