Learn Coding Technology for Free with Tech.io

Learning Coding Technology for Free

There’s a website that launched this month with the idea of becoming the new Wikipedia for technology. The founder’s goal is to make technology education free for anybody who needs it. That site, tech.io, is new global technology knowledge hub. You really can learn coding technology for free with Tech.io.

Learning Coding Technology for Free
You can improve your development skills and learn coding technology for free with Tech.io (Image Credit: geralt)

Learn Coding Technology for Free with Tech.io

Tech.io is a free knowledge-sharing platform that allows developers the tools they need to face new challenges and keep up with what’s hot and new in the industry.

All of the learning content is crafted through collaboration among members of the community, and then shared with those who want to learn a specific skill or improve their knowledge. Nicolas Antoniazzi, the Chief Technical Officer for Tech.io, comments on how people want to learn.

Lifelong learning is developers’ number one concern; however, online learning resources are not always appropriate to professionals’ needs. They want to dive into a new concept in less than 10 minutes, rather than watching fastidious MOOC videos. We wanted to solve this problem by changing the way developers keep up with technology. We decided to make Tech.io practical and collaborative, because we believe peers are the most relevant people to offer a new perspective on ever-evolving technologies.

Who Creates the Learning Content on Tech.io?

You do. Or rather, you can. Tech.io is driven by its community members, collaborating to teach and learn new skills. All of the content is crafted and then shared to those who want to build on what they already know, or pick up new technology skills.

Authors can include interactive elements, like coding exercises, graphical renderings of code, videos, and so forth. Learners play with technologies right from their browser, without having to install or download anything.

Courses include such topics as “Advanced Python Features,” “Functional Programming explained to my grandma,” and more.

What Kind of Learning Content Can I Create or Learn About?

If you want to contribute your own learning content, Tech.io currently supports these technologies:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Node.JS
  • Scala
  • Angular
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Rust
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • BabylonJS
  • Elixir
  • Spring 5
  • F#

Github repositories host the tutorials you create, allowing readers to suggest improvements and contribute to content.

Who’s Behind Tech.io

Tech.io was launched by CodinGame, a startup that has been around since 2014. CodinGame has helped a million developers hone their coding skills the fun way, and now they’ve launched Tech.io to help others spread their knowledge.

Tech.io provides free, continuously updated learning content. A community of technology professionals provides the knowledge, and you can learn or chip in your own tutorials. This fills the gap left behind by traditional educational resources and online courses, letting you learn coding technology for free.

This is a great resource for anybody who’s excited by their newfound ability to write C++ code on their Mac, for example, as well as anybody who wants to improve their development skills.

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