Miiskin Announces Automatic Skin Imaging Feature for Melanoma Detection

The Miiskin App

Miiskin announced its self-titled app during the Techfluence CES Preview event this week, and Jon Friis, Founder and CEO, briefed us on their new technology, as well as the benefits of their Premium offering. Miiskin helps you track and document moles and marks on your skin, and the company has a premium subscription service that uses augmented reality to make it easier.

First, some interesting facts about melanomas, a form of skin cancer. More than 50 percent of melanomas are found by the patient or their close relatives. In adults, 70 percent of melanoma cases are not associated with existing moles but form as new marks on the skin. Plus, The Skin Cancer Foundation regularly communicates the importance of skin self-examinations.

You can get started with the basic app, which will let you track three existing moles/marks, side-by-side comparison in the app and setting reminders for future pictures. But Premium, which offers a free trial, and is $25/year, includes the Automatic Skin Imaging feature. Automatic Skin Imaging uses the latest computer vision and augmented reality technologies to audibly and visually aid the user in taking full-body photos alone and hands-free, and also provides Skin Mapping to highlight new moles and marks. Premium also offers unlimited photos, private and secure backup of photos, photo protection with a PIN, wide area photos, and wide area photos.

Check out the Miiskin App to learn more.

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