New Patent Reveals Future Siri Could Yell at You

Yelling woman

As if Siri wasn’t already fun, a patent application published on Thursday reveals how our favorite digital assistant could start shouting or whispering (via AppleInsider).


Siri responds to your questions at the same volume, but Apple wants her to be more aware of the environment. That is, if you whisper a command, Siri could respond in kind. Or, perhaps you could get into a shouting match with her, if that’s more to your liking.

Environmental conditions that could affect Siri include voice volume, tone, and inflection, or how far away the device is from you. Time of day could also be a factor, and your iPhone could start whispering to you in bed. Imagine wearing your AirPods to bed so you can listen to relaxing sounds, only to hear a whisper: “Did you remember to turn the oven off?”

The patent lists its inventors as Narimene Lezzoum, Sylvain J. Choisel, Richard Powell, Ashrith Deshpande, and Ameya Joshi.

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