CES – Phyn Expands Product Line with Smart Water Assistant

LAS VEGAS, NV — Phyn is showing the latest addition to their line of leak detection and water saving solutions, the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, at CES Unveiled 2020.  Jason Rosenthal, Head of Marketing, explained what sets this solution apart from the rest.

The first differentiator is where you install Phyn.  Unlike some other solutions, this installation doesn’t require a plumber, and rather than being put inline near your water line, attaches to the hot and cold water lines of your sink.  To install it, you’ll need 3/8″ pipes, Wi-Fi, power, and optionally a pressure regulating valve  Once you install it, it uses microscopic water pressure changes in high definition, 240 times every second, to learn the voice of each fixture,  So if you run a faucet, it knows it’s a faucet, and if it leaks, it’ll let you know.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant Installed

Phyn can detect all types of leaks, such as toilet flapper leaks, pinhole leaks, unusual usage, supply line leaks, drip leaks, water left on, and catastrophic bursts.  You can also run a Diagnostic Plumbing Check, which requires you to turn off the water at the main.  This check can detect a range of hidden flaws like poor seals and pinhole leaks.  You can also track and view your water use daily and monthly, and over time, see water use down to each fixture.  And using a patented pressure sensing algorithm, it can sense ice crystals forming in your pipes and alert you so you can take action before any damage is done.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant is available now and priced at $299.

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