Secret Document Reveals Details of Apple’s ‘Find My’ App

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A secret document reveals details about Apple’s Find My app, which the company announced would be open to third-parties (via The Post).

Find My

During WWDC in June, Apple announced that developers would have access to its Find My app. This means users can use products like Tile within the app. But a document obtained by The Post reveals details that Apple didn’t publicly announce.

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For example, Apple users who use Find My to locate devices can’t use competing services at the same time.

The move is unusual, developers say. Customers generally have the choice of using multiple apps to control the same hardware device. For instance, a Bluetooth headset can be used with both Apple Music’s streaming service and Spotify’s.

Developers must also sign an agreement before they can use Find My, called “Limited License to Find My Network Accessory Spec.” It prevents them from sharing details about the specification. If they do talk about it Apple will pursue legal action against them.

As Apple faces antitrust scrutiny from governments, moves like this show Apple isn’t backing down when it comes to tight control over its products.

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