Slopes Ski Tracking App on iOS Gets Major Update

Slopes app iOS update

Ski tracking app Slopes has got a major iOS update. These include a new recording experience on the iPhone and premium digital trail maps.

Major Update to Slopes in iOS

The upgrade includes:

  • Find My Friends
  • Premium Digital Trail Maps
  • New Recording experience
  • Better Apple Watch integration

The Recording Screen in the Slopes app has been completely rewritten and is now focused on full-screen live maps. Important information such as official trail maps or ski patrol contact can be accessed in one tap. For those with a premium subscription, recording uses the new digital trail maps. It shows both where a user is on the trail, and where their friends are. Free users can see their friends’ location on Apple Maps but not the premium winter maps. The premium version also gives users real-time tracking of where they have been.  The whole experience has also been better integrated with the Apple Watch, meaning the recording is the same, whatever device someone uses to conduct it.

A Slopes premium subscription costs US$24.99. One-day and one-week passes are also available as in-app purchases.

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