Apple Project Titan Could be About Sensors

apple car project titan

A report from Reuters says that Apple’s Project Titan could be about the company creating a sensor stack, instead of a full autonomous vehicle.

Project Titan Sensors

Sources said Apple has had talks with at least four companies as possible suppliers for next-generation LIDAR sensors. Apple wants sensors that are smaller, cheaper, and more easily mass produced than current sensors.

Mockup of apple project titan car

Current LIDAR sensors use pulses of laser light to create accurate images of the environment around the car. But they can cost up to US$100,000 and use moving parts to scan the environment.

But what is clear from Apple’s interest in cheaper lidar systems is that it wants to control the “perception stack” of sensors, computers and software to drive an autonomous vehicle, regardless of who makes the vehicle, another person familiar with the talks said. The three people familiar with the talks declined to be identified because the discussions are not public.

Two people also said Apple is developing its own sensor, in addition to looking for outside suppliers. Apple is looking at sensor designs that could potentially be mass produced with regular semiconductor manufacturing techniques. The company also wants sensors that can scan several hundred yards down the road.

4 thoughts on “Apple Project Titan Could be About Sensors

  • What the world needs is electric cars getting cheaper and more available. What about Apple’s moves contribute to this?

    I don’t need wireless charging on my phone and I don’t need a self-driving car. What I need is a good basic electric car that I can drive myself.

    It’s like there’s a mentality out there that because batteries are expensive, manufacturers need to add features to justify the price/margins. What manufacturers need to do is get more and more cars out there to bring down the price of batteries and thus electric cars. Hyundai anybody?

    It’s no secret that car manufacturers don’t want to make electric cars, but are being forced by laws and the public’s appetite for the advantages of electric cars. Internal Combustion Engines currently cost manufacturers $10 and they’re sitting on huge real margins that they don’t want to give up.

  • Of course, a ≠ b. And Apple doesn’t do “simple”, as you well know. The device is likely more complicated than an off-the-shelf charger. Or maybe the numbers at the end just didn’t fit their product profile needs. Not a big loss either way in my book.

  • Really???? Buwhahaaa !! So the company that recently FAILED/abandoned to even accomplish simple wireless charging (AirPower) is doing “sensor stacks” ?? Too funny. 🚗

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