Review: Jelly Comb Backlit Keyboard Case for 2019 iPad

Jelly Comb iPad Case

Obviously, when you buy a new device, you need accessories. That’s part of the fun! So when I bought an iPad, I also needed a case. I went for one with a backlit, detachable, keyboard because I type a lot on the iPad.

Jelly Comb iPad Case

Good Value All-in-One iPad Solution

The case is compatible with three different iPad models – the 2019 10.2″ one, (that’s what I have,) the 2019 Air, and the 10.5″ Pro. First things first, the tablet feels nice and secure once you put it in. When it is all folded away in your backpack it feels protected, but not too heavy.  The case also has multiple slots that allow you to easily change the angle of the iPad depending on the scenario.

The (rechargeable) keyboard is very easy to connect to the iPad with the simple instructions laid out in the user manual. I also love that the keyboard is detachable. It means if you simply want to read you can just take the keyboard. Because it has an on/off switch, there can simply be no connection to the iPad without fiddling with the device’s Bluetooth settings. Arubber gripped bottom means the keyboard doesn’t move when you type, and protects the iPad screen when it’s all packed together, However, I would probably prefer it if there was actually a place to slot the keyboard into when typing. The keyboard has a satisfying feel and sound when you type and is backlit, and you can change between multiple color options, which is a fun, quirky little extra.

The Jelly Comb iPad case is very competitively priced. It is available for $39.99 on Amazon. Given it provides an all in one iPad case and keyboard solution, it is a very compelling product indeed.

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