Review: Visible is a New Prepaid Carrier Using Verizon’s Network

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Page 2: Problems With SMS, Conclusion

Problems With SMS

For some reason, once in a while I don’t receive SMS texts. This has happened twice now. I can send texts but don’t get them. After contacting Visible support, they told me to turn on Airplane Mode for 15-20 seconds, then turn it back off.

A short while later, I’ll get a flood of all the texts I missed. This only affects SMS messages and not iMessage. I don’t know if this is a problem with iOS or Visible, but I can say that I only started getting this problem with Visible.

screenshot from visible website



Despite occasional SMS woes I’m still happy with my service. I haven’t had any other issues, and I’ve used the service for almost two months now. There are a couple of other things I like about the carrier. One is that I can pay for my service using Apple Pay, which is kind of a minor feature but still nice. The other is something called Visible Connect.

Through Connect, which is a nine month program, the company partners with nine non-profit organizations and helps with funding, mentorships, training, resources, and connections. These partnerships are across four categories: Health, Civic Engagement, Education, and Finance & Legal. Some of them include Fed40, IssueVoter, CareerVillage, FreeFrom, and more. I think it’s nice to get phone service from a company that has these partnerships.

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