Apple VP Rubén Caballero Leaves for a Company Called ‘Humane‘

Image of Ruben Caballero

Apple’s Vice President of Engineering Rubén Caballero has recently left for a new company called Humane where he will serve as Technical Advisor.


Mr. Caballero founded the Wireless Design & Technology team at Apple, leading over 1,000 engineers. He was a founding leader of the iPhone hardware team, and worked on the iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac, and other products.

Image of Ruben Caballero

Humane’s founders shared the announcement:

Rubén’s belief in Humane’s mission to push computing forward, his alignment with our values of Trust, Truth, and Joy, and his excitement for our product vision is what propelled us to work together again. When it comes to the task of developing new kinds of technologies that empower people through connectivity, at scale, in the most efficient way possible, Rubén’s skill set and experience are unmatched. We are thrilled to have him on board as we build the next shift between humans and computing.

Not much is known about Humane. Its mission statement says in part, “Humane is the next shift between humans and computing.” But Mr. Caballero isn’t the only former Apple employee working there.

Humane itself was founded by former Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri. Ms. Bongiorno was a Director of Software Engineering at Apple, responsible for all software project management for iOS and macOS. Mr. Chaudhri was a designer who invented the iPhone’s user interface and interactions.

The founders say that most of 2019 was spent building, and we can expect to see more of Humane in 2020.

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