Rumor Claims Foldable iPhone Slated to Launch in 2026

Foldable iPhone

Days after rumors of Apple putting the foldable iPhone project on hold surfaced online, a new report hints towards when the company could release its first foldable device. Although we have been hearing rumors about the imminent debut of a folding iPhone, the latest one might be the potential launch window of Apple’s foldable phone. 

According to the Korean website Aplha Economy, Apple is planning to release its foldable phone in September 2026. This means the company could launch the device alongside the iPhone 18 series. 

Given that Samsung usually launches its latest generation of foldables in August, the foldable iPhone will debut after the Galaxy Fold 8. This means the first-generation foldable iPhone will compete with the eight-generation foldables from Samsung.  

Moreover, the report also mentions that Apple is planning to shift some employees from the Vision Pro team to the foldable iPhone project. “I understand that a significant number of Vision Pro’s core personnel have been transferred to the foldable phone development team to develop the foldable phone,” it explained. 

Lastly, the report states that Apple expects the device to set the sales chart on fire once it hits the stores, as it anticipates selling around 50 million units. It’s a significant leap in sales figures when compared to the industry’s recent trends. 

For reference, the foldable market leader, Samsung, is said to have shipped around 10 million foldable phones, including the Fold and Flip combined. So, the 50 million sales figure from only one company, Even if it’s Apple, sounds like a very high number.

Anyway, we would still advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt, particularly concerning the September 2026 release date. Even if all of this information is true, Apple’s plan for its foldable device could drastically change by 2026.


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