An Apple Mixed Reality Headset Could Cost $3,000

Apple is working on augmented reality glasses to ship in 2020

A report on Thursday claims that Apple is working on a “mixed-reality” headset that combines elements of augmented reality and virtual reality. It could include two 8K displays and cost US$3,000 (via The Information-paywall).

3K MR Headset

Citing an unnamed source with direct knowledge of the device, the report says:

A mixed-reality headset Apple is developing will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras for tracking hand movements and showing video of the real world to people wearing it, along with ultra-high-resolution 8K displays and advanced technology for tracking eye-tracking technology.

The inclusion of two 8K displays in the headset would make its picture quality far higher than that of other consumer headsets – and even the majority of high-end televisions, which cost thousands of dollars at 8K resolution.

Among the biggest risks is the price of the device, which is likely to cost significantly more than the $300 to $1,000 for existing VR headsets from Facebook’s Oculus and others.

Because of such a high cost, it’s likely that it wouldn’t be a consumer device. Instead, like Microsoft’s HoloLens, it could be aimed at enterprise use with specialized needs. The report does mention gaming with the headset, though.

However, consumer-focused AR and or VR headsets from Apple are still reportedly on track. The company hopes to ship the VR device in 2022 and the AR glasses in 2023.

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