Safari Will Stop Accepting HTTPS Certificates That Last Longer Than 13 Months

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Safari is to stop accepting HTTPS certificates that are set to expire over 13-months after their creation date. Privacy errors will show up on websites that have certificates that go beyond that limit.

Safari Changes Coming Into Force on September 1

Apple outlined the change at a meeting of the Certification Authority Browser Forum this week in Slovakia. The new rules, which will affect Safari on Mac and iOS devices, will apply to certificates issued  from September 1, 2020. It is understood that certificates issues before that time will not be affected by the change.

Firms will now have to think about how they keep certificates up to date. Tim Callan, a senior fellow at Sectigo, attended the forum and told The Register:

Companies need to look to automation to assist with certificate deployment, renewal, and lifecycle management to reduce human overhead and the risk of error as the frequency of certificate replacement increase.

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