Snapchat Launches Location Sharing Buddy System for Safety

snapchat buddy system

Snapchat is rolling out a buddy system so people can share their real-time location with their friends. A report from TechCrunch says only sharing a location with individual friends is available.

The feature is similar to Apple’s Find My location sharing, where Apple users can share their location with contacts. You can find this in Settings > Privacy > Location Services or within the Find My app.

Snapchat Buddy System

This limitation of sharing your location is meant for safety, the company says. Both people have to accept each other as friends on Snapchat before they can share their location. When the feature is turned on, a reminder will be displayed to recommend that the tool be used only with family and close friends. People will be able to pause sharing their location and this won’t send the other person a notification.

Snap is partnering with It’s On Us, a non-profit organization that fights sexual assault across colleges and university across the U.S.¬†Snapchat has had location-sharing features for several years with its Snap Map product. This lets people share their location with friends. Peoples’ avatars can be seen on this map, and the company says that 250 million people are using the feature.

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