Snapchat Releases Voice Activated Lenses

Image of Snapchat logo. New Snapchat features include Multi-Snap and Tint Brush.

Snapchat is rolling out voice activated lenses to its social platform. Depending on the lens, you can say words like hi, love, wow, and ok, and the lens will animate.Image of voice activated lenses on Snapchat

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Voice Activated Lenses

Right now I have the Love and Okay lenses, and I assume the others will gradually roll out to everyone. I want to see pet voice lenses just so I can watch people meowing and barking at their phone.

Other special lenses that Snapchat has are based on movement. You can raise your eyebrows, blink, or open your mouth. In May the company launched lenses that reacted to sound, but not specific words. Snapchat says the new voice activated lenses can be combined with other lens technology, but it didn’t say what new things were planned.

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