Steve Jobs 1973 Job Application Up for Auction – Bidding Already Hit $55,000

Steve Jobs application from 1973

Be careful if you’re wishing you were famous because if you get famous enough, everything you do—and worse, everything you did—will eventually wind up at auction. To wit, RR Auction has an auction happening now for a 1973 job application from future Apple-cofounder Steve Jobs. Let’s take a look!

Steve Jobs application from 1973
Steve Jobs application from 1973

It’s kind of a mess, too, but before you get all smug, think about what you were doing when you were 18 years old. And then think about what you were doing three years later, when this same Steve Jobs was busy cofounding the computer company that would change the world.

The auction has already hit US$55,000, with the next allowed bid at $60,500. RR Auction originally valued the document at $50,000. There will also be an addition 22.5% buyer premium added to the final hammer price. An initial bid must be placed by 6:00 PM EDT to participate after 7:00 PM EDT on March 15th, the closing date.

RR Auction is also using a 30 minute rule starting at 7:00 PM. This means that the auction closes once 30 minutes has elapsed without  new bidder, with the bidding pool consisting only of those who bid before 6:00 PM. Bidding is live now. Good luck, and if you win it, we’d love to come take some pics and do a feature story.

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Final price: $170,000 !!!

Anyone want to pay me for mine? It’s not as good.


Can’t imagine getting anything but laughter from a job application like that today, but then I’m thinking my next job will require a body cavity search.