Steve Wozniak Sued Over Alleged Theft of Intellectual Property

steve wozniak

Business professor Ralph Reilly is suing Steve Wozniak, claiming the Apple co-founder stole his idea for a Woz-branded educational platform (via Business Insider).

Woz University

Mr. Reilly says that in 2011 he approached Mr. Wozniak with a business proposition: An education platform that would use the latter’s brand and status to attract people. Mr. Wozniak says he has no memory of this and he gets business proposals from many people.

In 2017, a company called Woz U was founded by Mr. Wozniak that technical education for independent students, offers curriculum to universities and organizations to upskill their employees. Mr. Reilly is suing for theft of intellectual property and copyright infringement.

Mr. Wozniak will take the stand in an Arizona District court in a three-day jury trial that starts on June 7. So far the judge has already denied some of Mr. Reilly’s legal arguments, like “breach of contract.” The case will focus more on copyright.

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