Swollen Battey in iPhone 13 Instances Occurring Out of Chinese Devices


Reports are surfacing of a battery problem with iPhone 13 devices in China. A user posted online about their iPhone 13 experiencing a swollen battery, which is a safety hazard. Their phone also suffered sudden shutdowns before the battery visibly inflated.

According to the post, a visit to an Apple store confirmed the battery issue. However, they faced difficulty getting a replacement battery and claim to have found a group of other iPhone 13 users in China experiencing similar problems.

The post, seen at Apple’s discussion forum, calls for Apple to investigate the matter. It also discusses the inconsistencies in Apple’s after-sales service, where some users reportedly received free replacements while others did not. Apple needs to have a concrete plan for similar situations; otherwise, users will feel betrayed and partial.

Comments on the post raise additional concerns. Some users point out that non-Apple chargers could contribute, while others question why batteries seem to be swelling after only 2.5 years.

To this question ,someone can free to charge ,are there any characteristics of those people?and plz tell me why phone life just only 2.5years,more than this time,it will be swollen!

its unbelievable!!!

Swollen batteries pose a serious risk and should be addressed immediately. If you suspect a battery issue with your iPhone 13 or any other device, it’s important to stop using the phone and contact Apple Support.

Apple has not yet commented on the reports, but iPhone 13 users, especially those in China, should be aware of this issue. To minimize risk, it’s recommended that you only use approved chargers with your device. While we’re in China, there are rumors that Apple is planning to bring Apple TV+ to China.

For users encountering difficulties with Apple’s after-sales service, keeping a record of any communication with Apple regarding the battery issue may be helpful. Posting on Apple’s discussion forum on Reddit can also help.

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