Tell Alexa to Delete Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

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Amazon announced Wednesday that users can delete recordings made by their Echo device via Alexa voice commands (via The Verge). The move came amid growing privacy concerns around the smart home devices.

New Alexa Voice Commands

The new voice command is:

  • Alexa, delete everything I said today

Amazon announced an “Alexa, delete what I just said,” command is on the way too.

A Good First Step

Adding this functionality to voice commands is a good move, designed to make it easier for customers to maintain their privacy. Previously, users could only delete voice recordings via the app or the Amazon website.  No doubt the company wanted to reassure users that it respects their privacy too. However, the introduction of Alexa voice commands is just one small step. Other issues need to be tackled. For instance, earlier this month, it emerged that while transcripts of deleted recordings are deleted from the main Alex subsystem, they remained in some others. Amazon said that it was working to fix this problem.

One thought on “Tell Alexa to Delete Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

  • Hi, im not sure if you know the answer to this but…
    I’m assuming that this DOES NOT delete the text transcriptions of our voice recording on Amazon’s end?!

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