The Best Apps to Help You Have a Productive 2020

Last year, I highlighted some apps to help you keep to your productivity new year’s resolution. No doubt, we could all do with some more tools to help us in 2020, so I’ve suggested some others that are helpful.



Paste for Mac

I did not really ‘get’ the whole clipboard manager thing – you can easily copy and paste things, right? How long does that take?  But I decided to test out Paste, and now I can’t imagine working without it. It is a very easy to use clipboard manager that makes copied items – text, pictures, and so on, easy to access at any point. It is why I named Past my favorite Mac App of 2019. Paste is available via the Mac App Store for $14.99 or as part of a SetApp subscription.


Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checking application. You’ve probably seen adverts for it at various points around the internet. I have it on the whole time when I’m writing and it has saved me a number of embarrassing typos. There is a free version and a premium version. Grammarly has free, premium, and business plans.


Trello is an essential tool for project management and task organization.  You can organize your projects in multiple ways – either using the standard column view in boards, in calendar mode so you see what you have on in a week or month, or create Gantt, for example. It is the perfect tool for juggling lots of different tasks or projects.



If there is something you really want to do every regularly, Streaks can help. It might be sending your invoices every month, getting to inbox zero every week, or jogging every day. You can set custom tasks and reminders, but whatever you do, keep the streak going. Streaks won an Apple Design Award. Streaks is available in the iOS App Store and costs $4.99.



This app has a similar approach to Streaks. You log the number of days you have or have not done something. You could count how many days you get your to-do list done, for example. Want to quit smoking? Count how many days you’ve gone without a cigarette. DayCount is available in the iOS App Store and costs $8.99 per year.

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