The Cube is Back! Apple Store Fifth Ave Reopens

Cook OBrien Fifth Ave Android

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue reopened its doors Friday. Tim Cook joined crowds of customers outside the famous cube.

Cook OBrien Fifth Ave Android

‘We Love Switchers’

Apple’s senior vice president retail and people Deirdre O’Brien accompanied Mr. Cook on the trip.

Ironically, this selfie appears to have been taken with an Android. However, that did not seem to bother senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller, who was also in New York. He tweeted: “We love switchers!”

Mr. Cook’s photographs indicate there was rather a big crowd at the store, to welcome the return of the iconic cube.

One thought on “The Cube is Back! Apple Store Fifth Ave Reopens

  • Don’t do that. When you said The Cube Is Back I thought for a second you meant the Mac Cube. I thought they surprised everyone by re releasing the headless cube Mac alongside the new iPhones. For a second my heart skipped a beat. I was on cloud nine. The Mac I lusted for in my youth was back and now I could actually get one. This was going to be a FANTASTIC weekend. Then It hit me. Oh, you meant the New York store that has that glass cube entrance thing. Oh well, I guess that’s nice too…I guess.

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