Thirty-six States And DC Sue Google Over Antitrust Claims

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia are suing Google, Bloomberg News reported. In arguments reminiscent of those used against Apple in similar cases, attorneys general for the states claimed that the firm has used anticompetitive practices, abusing its position as a gatekeeper in the sale and distribution of apps via the Play store.

Google a ‘Menance’ in Apps Marketplace

After documents were filed on Wednesday, Google’s Senior Director of Public Policy, Wilson White, hit back in a blog post. He said that “the complaint limits its definition of the app marketplace to Android devices only. This completely ignores the competition we face from other platforms such as Apple’s incredibly successful app store, which accounts for the majority of mobile app store revenues according to third-party estimates.” Mr. White also noted that “most Android devices ship with two or more app stores preloaded.”

However, Utah is one of the states leading the case. Its Attorney General Sean Reyes said that “Google’s monopoly is a menace to the marketplace.”

New York is another of the lead states. In a statement, its Attorney General Letitia James said:

Google has served as the gatekeeper of the internet for many years, but more recently, it has also become the gatekeeper of our digital devices –resulting in all of us paying more for the software we use every day.

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