Apple Security Chief Thomas Moyer Indicted in Concealed Weapons Permit Scandal

Pile of hundred dollar bills.

Thomas Moyer, Apple’s head of global security, is among four people indicted in a concealed weapons permit bribery scandal.

Concealed Weapons Bribery

Rick Sung, Santa Clara County Undersheriff and his Captain James Jensen are accused of requesting bribes for concealed firearms (CCW) licenses. Insurance broker Harpreet Chadha and Thomas Moyer are accused of offering bribes for these licenses.

Mr. Sung and Mr. Jensen withheld four CCW licenses until Mr. Moyer agreed to donate 200 iPads to the Sheriff’s Office, worth an estimated total of US$70,000. But these donations were canceled at the last minute when Mr. Sung and Mr. Moyer learned of a search warrant that the District Attorney’s Office served to the Sheriff’s Office to seize all of its CCW license records.

In the case of the CCW license withheld from Harpreet Chadha, Sung managed to extract from Chadha a promise of $6,000 worth of luxury box seat tickets to a San Jose Sharks hockey game at the SAP Center on Valentine’s Day 2019. Sheriff Laurie Smith’s family members and some of her biggest political supporters held a small celebration of her re-election as Sheriff in the suite.

All four will be arraigned on January 11, 2021 at the Hall of Justice in San Jose. If they are found guilty they could be sent to prison.

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