Tim Cook Tells Apple Staff to Come Back to Office For at Least Three Days a Week From September

Apple CEO Tim Cook has told staff that he wants them to return to the office for a minimum of three days a week from September. In a memo seen by Bloomberg News, he also laid out which days of the week he expected staff to be on-site as part of a new, flexible, arrangement.

Apple Return to Office a ‘Pilot’, Says Tim Cook

In the memo, Mr. Cook wrote that staff members are expected to be in the office each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Many will still be allowed to work remotely on Wednesdays and Fridays, although certain teams will have to be in the office on four or five days. “We are setting consistent days in the office to help us optimize our time for in-person collaboration,” wrote Mr. Cook.

In encouraging staff to head back to their desk, the CEO pointed out that “many” of teams based in the Asia and Pacific regions have already returned to offices and factories. He also said that the few remaining closed retail stores will reopen in June. As part of this “pilot” employees will also be allowed an extra two weeks of remote work annually, subject to manager approval. Mr. Cook said:

As the world’s most innovative company, I believe we have a special obligation to get this right. I am very excited about the opportunity that we have to come together in new ways and chart a new path in the era ahead.

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