Tim Cook Highlights Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative in COVID-19 Op-Ed

Tim Cook at WWDC 2018

Tim Cook wrote a column in The Wall Street Journal (Apple News+) in which he said that the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the need to tackle systematic injustice. The Apple CEO also his company’s Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI).

Tim Cook: ‘None of us Can Use Injustice’s Long History as an Excuse Not to Act’

“In simple theory, a disease should affect all of us equally. But in plain fact, the opposite is true,” wrote Mr. Cook. “We have all seen, in real time, how structural discrimination and obstacles to opportunity do their work in a crisis.”

Picking up themes he regularly explores, the Apple boss highlighted the importance of education:

Education is a great equalizer, but it cannot do its work without tools and without a home. Our approach at Apple has been to ask, “How can we help?” That question has led us to build powerful learning tools and share them freely with tens of thousands of teachers, educators and parents.

Mr. Cook also highlighted the REJI investments Apple announced in January. “If this pandemic has taught us anything, I hope it’s that none of us can use injustice’s long history as an excuse not to act,” he said.

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