Tom Hanks is “Actually Thrilled” ‘Greyhound’ is Coming Out on Apple TV+. No. Really.

Tom Hanks Greyhound Apple TV+

Tom Hanks used a TV interview on Tuesday to walk back his eyebrow raising comments about Apple. He said that he is “actually thrilled that Apple TV+ is making it possible for everybody to see” upcoming film Greyhound.

Tom Hanks: Apple Provided “a Magnificent Gift”

Speaking on The Today Show, Mr. Hanks said:

This is a magnificent gift that’s come to us because of Apple because COVID-19 did something heartbreaking to us all: it closed down the theaters. We don’t have the cinema. There isn’t anybody that doesn’t like going to see a good movie with 800 people and coming out with something in common. Barring that, Apple has saved the day for us. We had a magnificent movie that was not going to be seen. Apple is a benevolent streaming service in every way.

Mr. Hanks originally raised concerns about sound and picture quality. However, in his first interview following his recovery from COVID-19, the actor said:

 It’s going to look fantastic but it’s going to be available. It is going to be viewable, and otherwise we would’ve languished in a vault for a movie that is 88 minutes of a thematic story that does speak to what we’re all going through right now…. It’s a magnificent deal and we are going to be able to fill up the screens in the living rooms and the bean-bag chairs of the world all in one fall shot, so we feel as though we were rescued at sea by a convoy with a big Apple logo with a bite taken out of it.”

Greyhound sails onto Apple TV+ on Friday.

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