Top Global Brand Consultancy Names Apple Brand of The Year

Apple Logo

Consultancy firm Interbrand named Apple as it’s Best Global Brand for 2020. The company beat off tech rivals Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung to claim the accolade.

Apple Named Best Global Brand

After taking various elements into consideration, the report concluded:

Ultimately, Apple’s (BV $322,999m +38% YOY) distinctiveness – or, in fact, uniqueness – isn’t a result of what the brand says, but what it does. It’s Apple’s products, technologies and stores that speak to the organisation’s philosophy of beautiful simplicity and individual empowerment – much more than any campaign could ever do. Inasmuch as many talk about the brand’s aura, Apple has consistently changed what was in people’s minds by changing what was in their hands.

It was though Amazon that rose the fastest, seeing 60 percent growth as judged by Interbrand’s criteria. Apple rose 38 percent.

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