Twitterific for the Mac is Back with Themes, Syncing, More

Twitterific 5 for the Mac

Twitterific was once one of the most popular Twitter clients on the Mac, but fell off the map a few years ago. Now it’s back as Twitterific 5 with a modern interface, support for multiple accounts, timeline syncing, and more.

Twitterific 5 for the Mac
Twitterific 5 for the Mac available now

Twitterific 5 includes support for the macOS sharing feature, and lets you open multiple windows for single or multiple accounts. Using multiple windows for one account lets you look at your timeline, mentions, and direct messages at the same time. You can also customize how the app looks with light and dark themes, along with fonts and image thumbnail sizes.

The app’s return followed a successful Kickstarter campaign as the aptly named Project Phoenix. It’s been awesome watching Twitterific 5 grow and evolve through the development process and the end result is a powerful and great looking Twitter client for the Mac desktop.

Twitteriffic 5 is available through Apple’s Mac App Store for US$19.99.

One thought on “Twitterific for the Mac is Back with Themes, Syncing, More

  • This is the most yawn-inducing, over-hyped piece of software in recent memory. A light and dark mode doesn’t constitute “themes.” There are little to no new features since the last Mac release years ago. It does nothing every other major Twitter client doesn’t do (other than multi-colored tweets in the GUI). And perhaps (in this day & age) most importantly, it looks the same as it did nearly 10 years ago.

    It’s not a bad app, just underwhelming and largely unnecessary since it offers nothing new.

    I would love to blame IconFactory, but it’s really not their fault. Twitter itself has cut the digital balls off 3rd party developers. After receiving $100K+ in crowdfunding and charging $20 for the app, I would expect so much more… I’m just don’t think IconFactory (or any other dev) can deliver it in a Twitter app anymore.

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