U.S. Military Wants Classified Data Stored in the Cloud

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In order to compete with Russia and China, the U.S. military has a project that will store classified data in the cloud. But is it safe from Russia? (via BBC)

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The project is called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI). A technology company bidding for a Pentagon contract for the project has close partnerships with a firm linked to Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

image of the pentagon

The Pentagon

The company in question—C5 Group—has also worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), another bidder. But both C5 and AWS claim that C5 isn’t involved with JEDI. Other companies submitting bids are Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. U.S. Major General David Krumm says the JEDI cloud will help the U.S. win wars:

The information has to be available to an army platoon that a friendly unit is just around the block and will not open fire. It’s got to be available to a platoon of marines who are about to breach a door that an IED has been found.

The project is controversial because of having classified data stored in a commercial cloud controlled by one company. But the Pentagon says that having one cloud provider would speed up access to information and be better for troops.

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