Ukraine Asks Apple To Withdraw Gambling Apps From the App Store

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It’s been more than two years since the Russian-Ukrainian war started. Well, technically, it started over a decade ago, but its latest and most impactful part started more than two years ago, in February 2022. 

After these tough times, Ukraine seems to face a different and rather unexpected problem with the army. According to President Zelenskiy, gambling is causing morale and security risks within the ranks. Hence, he has banned gambling activities within the country’s military and has asked tech giants like Apple and Google to take off the gambling applications from their respectable app stores. 

The decision follows a petition filed by Ukrainian serviceman Pavlo Petrychenko, who tragically lost his life on the front line on April 15. Petrychenko’s petition revealed the alarming trend of soldiers resorting to gambling, risking their earnings, and even pawning military equipment to cover gambling debts

Here is how the ban on gambling apps in the Apple App Store can be helpful:

  • By banning gambling apps, soldiers are shielded from the negative impacts of gambling addiction, which helps to maintain their focus and well-being.
  • The ban helps to mitigate security risks by limiting access to sensitive information through foreign-operated gambling apps.
  • The reduced availability of gambling apps helps to curb harmful gambling habits among soldiers.
  • The ban encourages accountability and professionalism within the armed forces by discouraging detrimental activities.

Notably, the Ukrainian government is also seeking to block payments to gambling accounts online, with the National Bank of Ukraine expected to issue recommendations to banks accordingly. 

President Zelenskiy’s decisive action in banning gambling in the military underscores his commitment to supporting the well-being and effectiveness of Ukraine’s armed forces during this prolonged conflict.

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