Upgraded AppleCare+ With Theft or Loss Coverage Becomes Available in France, Italy, and Spain

upgraded applecare

Apple Care+ with Lost or Stolen Coverage is now available in France, Italy, and Spain. Previously, the upgraded AppleCare plan was available only in Australia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Upgraded AppleCare+ Is Now Available in France, Italy, and Spain

Customers in France, Italy, and Spain can now avail themselves of the upgraded AppleCare+ offer. Aside from accidental damage coverage, AppleCare+ now includes theft and loss coverage. It offers iPhone replacements for up to two incidents of theft or loss per 12-month period. Apple requires a 129 euro service fee per insurance claim. Apple will replace the iPhone after the customer pays the 129 euro service fee.

Practically speaking , the upgraded AppleCare+ with Lost or Stolen Coverage seems like a good investment. By paying the 229 euro fee for a two-year term, customers won’t have to purchase a new iPhone if theirs is lost or stolen. Customers not wishing to pay the upfront fee can pay 1149 euros per month instead. AIG handles all claims for theft or loss of covered iPhone units.

Upgraded Plan Costs a Bit More than the Standard Plan

Compared with the Standard AppleCare plan, the upgraded plan cost up to an extra 60 euros upfront or 3 euros per month. Apple’s policies require customers enable “Find My” on their iPhone when it is lost or stolen and throughout the claims process. While going through the claims process, customers will be required to erase their missing iPhone, disable it, and transfer ownership. Only then will they receive a replacement iPhone from Apple.

Aside from the provided theft or stolen iPhone incidents, the upgraded AppleCare+ also covers two incidents of accidental damage per 12-month period. Apple collects an additional charge of 29 euros for damage to the screen or glass back. All other types of accidental damage require an additional 99 euros. The warranty starts on the date of purchase of the upgraded AppleCare+ plan.

More information about the AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Coverage can be found on the iPhone page in France, Italy, and Spain.

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