For a Limited Time, Visible Removes 5 Mbps Speed Cap

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Starting today and for a limited time, Visible is removing its 5 Mbps speed cap for new and existing members.

Speed Cap

Visible is a relatively new prepaid carrier that uses Verizon’s network. Disclosure: I’ve been a member since the beginning of this year and I’m happy with my service.

For now, the speed cap removal seems to be an experiment:

We have also receive speed-specific questions and feedback from potential members, so we’re taking this opportunity to provide a truly unlimited experience to everyone — both current members and those who sign up now — to test out Visible for themselves. The “limited time” window to receive this offering will be determined as we learn more about member needs. We’ll also be rolling these insights into a bigger program to come later this year. However, everyone who gets to experience uncapped speeds will get to keep them — again, at no additional cost — as long as they are a member.

If you’re already a Visible member, just restart your phone. If you’re a new member you’ll immediately get the new unlimited speeds.

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