GIPHY Unveils Upgraded SDK for iOS Devs


GIPHY unveiled a new SDK Wednesday. It allowed iOS developers to easily integrate its GIF library into their apps and boasts some updated features.


New Giphy Features

The SDK gives developers access to GIPHY’s full GIF library. It said it moderates the library so developers can be confident that what they are making available is safe for distribution.

In a blog post, GIPHY laid out the new features in the SDK. They included:

  • Pre-built, customizable templates that can be integrated into an app.
  • Available¬†options included Dark Mode.

The new SDK also incorporated GIPHY Emoji and Text, released at the end of last month, as well as a new dev portal.

The company made the SDK available for Android developers as well as those building iOS apps. It listed the likes of Mailchimp, Slack, Tinder, Twitter, and Snapchat amongst those that already used its tools. It seems to me though this new SDK is aimed at smaller devs.

A Quick Road Test

I played with an example version of the SDK and it seemed pretty straightforward. It showed how the GIPHY SDK could be incorporated into a messaging app. The SDK offered a variety of options as to how you want the GIF library to appear within an app. Developers would then get the few lines of code that need to be incorporated into their app.

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