Vision Pro Teardown Reveals Japan as Leading Parts Supplier

Apple Vision Pro Teardown

Thanks to a detailed teardown, we have already seen what’s inside the Vision Pro. However, a new teardown report surfaced online reveals that Japanese companies are the top suppliers of Apple Vision Pro parts. According to the report, Japanese companies supply around 40% of Vision Pro parts, including Sony’s HD displays. 

Folks over at Nikkei unearthed the headset after the device hit the stores in the US with the help of a Tokyo-based researcher, Fomalhaut Techno Solutions. The analysis revealed that Japanese companies contributed heavily compared to the latest iPhone, which is around 10%. 

According to the report, the OLED display that shows the eyes of users costs $120. Moreover, it says that Apple is using Sony’s OLED display that covers the user’s field of vision. 

Apple pays around $460 to Sony per unit, which is in line with a previous report suggesting that it’s the most costly part of the Vision Pro, and it costs Apple $228 for each display or $456 for a unit. 

Besides this, the report also suggests that Apple gets the Vision Pro’s NAND memory from a Japan-based company, Kioxia, and DRAM from a South Korean company called SK Hynix. 

Moreover, the Vision Pro uses two cooling fans about four centimeters in diameter near both eye positions, manufactured by Nidec, a Japan-based company. During the teardown, the Nidec logo was clearly visible, making it clear that Nidec Motor supplied the fans to Apple.

The report also mentions an estimated cost of making the Vision Pro, around $1,200, a little less than the previously reported $1,500 manufacturing cost. 

After taking every part into consideration, Japanese companies supplied around 40% of the Vision Pro parts, broken down by country or region. Among these companies, Sony supplied the majority of these components, including the sensors and displays.


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