Wall Street Journal to Join Apple Premium News Service

The Wall Street Journal will be available as part of Apple’s soon to be announced paid news service. However, other major outlets will not partner with Apple.

Publishers’ Concerns at Apple’s ‘Netflix for News’

The deal with the Wall Street Journal will be unveiled on Monday, at Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event (via New York Times). While Apple’s so-called ‘Netflix for News’ will have lots to offer consumers,  many major publishers are unhappy with what has been proposed. Apple reportedly asked publishers for access to all their content for pro-subscribers, which caused some concern. The likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post have declined to be part of the service.

It is also understood that Apple is asking for as much as 50% of the subscription revenue, and publishers consider this too much. They are also concerned that they will not have access to powerful customer data. This includes information like a subscriber’s credit card details and email address. The service is expected cost $10 a month.

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