watchOS 8 For Apple Watch is Available Now

watchOS 8

Apple released watchOS 8 on Monday. It contains a variety of new features including new workouts, updates to cycling, and a Mindfulness app.

watchOS 8 For Apple Watch is Here

To install watchOS 8, first, install iOS 15 on the iPhone your Apple Watch is synced with. Then go to Settings > Software update on either your Apple Watch itself or in the Watch iPhone App and follow the on-screen instructions.

New Workouts and Features

Updates include new Tai Chi and Pilates workouts. Cycling has also been updated, prompting using algorithms to prompt a user to start an outdoor cycling workout if they are on a bike and haven’t done so. There is also auto-pause and resume functionality so workout metrics are more accurate. Fall detection has also been updated and optimized to detect falls during workouts. For instance, recognizing the motion and impact of a cycling fall.

[WWDC 2021: watchOS 8 Gets Updated Keys, Breathe and Fitness+ Workouts]

The Breathe app has become the Mindfulness app. It includes a new ‘Reflect’ session. Fitness+ subscribers will also be able to access guided Meditations from Monday, September 27 and the activity will be tracked via the workout app.

Elsewhere,  users will be guided on a new pre-sleep routine by watchOS 8 and have support for digital car keys, Focus notification filters, a redesigned Home app, new Watch Faces, and better Message functionality.

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