WhatsApp Testing a Feature To Share Status to Instagram Stories on iPhones

whatsapp status sound overlapping iphone

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows users to share their WhatsApp status updates directly to their Instagram Stories. This feature is currently under development and has been spotted in beta testing for both Android and iOS versions of the app.

Similar to how users can share Instagram Stories to Facebook stories, this new functionality would allow for cross-posting of content between the two platforms. However, this feature will be optional, which means you’ll have a choice whether you want your WhatsApp Statsu to be uploaded as your Instagram Story or not.

The exact implementation details are still under development, but based on the beta versions, it looks like that users will be able to activate or deactivate this cross-posting option within the WhatsApp app. But beware, managing who sees the shared content on Instagram will likely be handled through the Instagram story audience settings; Whatsapp status settings won’t be transferred over two Instagram as both are separate platforms.

This new integration seems to target improved user convenience. By allowing users to share their updates to both platforms simultaneously, WhatsApp is making the process of updating statuses across multiple social media apps hassle-free. Instead of having to create and post separate updates for WhatsApp and Instagram, users would be able to accomplish this in one go.

However, I see a few drawbacks with this functionality. Firstly, there’s the issue of content tone mismatch, as what’s suitable for close contacts and family on WhatsApp might not make sense to the Instagram audience. Also, users might face limited customization options, meaning there could be restricted control over how the WhatsApp status appears on Instagram Stories, such as editing captions and adding effects. Instagram is way ahead of WhatsApp when it comes to customization; I’d rather customize on Instagram than WhatsApp.

And your friends wouldn’t want to see the same thing across all the platforms, right? For those with an overlap between their WhatsApp contacts and Instagram followers, the feature might feel redundant, as the same content is being shared across both platforms.

While there is no official launch date yet, this feature being tested in the beta versions shows it might be rolled out to the public in a future update.

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