Sorry, New Video Isn’t Proof of a White iPhone 7

White iPhone 7 video looks nice, but isn't legit

A video showing the rumored Jet White iPhone 7 is making the rounds on the internet. iPhone fans hoping for an all white model shouldn’t, however, get their hopes up because these are most likely after market replacement parts.

White iPhone 7 video looks nice, but isn't legit
Video shows what claims to be white iPhone models from Apple

The video was posted on Twitter by Sonny Dickson who has a history of leaking parts for Apple products before they’re announced. His track record lends a little credence to the video, but not enough to make us think it’s legit.

Both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are in the video, although only the Plus model sports an Apple logo. Neither include any other markings typically found on actual iPhone bodies.

Instead of leaked parts from Apple, these are very likely after market replacement backs, much like what you can find on Alibaba for about US$50.

In other words, it’s a nice video, but it isn’t showing parts Apple is making—and it isn’t proof that Apple is releasing an all white iPhone model any time soon.

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