Why Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd Narrates Apple TV+ Series ‘Tiny World’

Tiny World Apple TV+ Trailer

Tiny World arrives on Apple TV+ on Friday. Paul Rudd narrates the series that looks at some of the planet’s smallest creatures. Exec producer Tom Hugh-Jones has revealed how Ant-Man got the gig.

Ant-Man Paul Rudd Was ‘Apt Choice’ as ‘Tiny World’ Narrator

In an email to Forbes, Mr. Hugh-Jones said:

My three boys range in age from 5 to 14, but they all share a love for the whole Marvel universe. Whilst I was watching the Avengers with them, it struck me that Ant-Man could be an apt choice for a narrator. I loved the idea of having a tiny superhero voice a series about nature’s own miniature marvels. After all, when you consider the incredible powers little creatures have evolved to help them triumph in a big, bad world full of giant enemies and enormous forces, they really do come out looking like a cast from a comic book.

There is also a new, not-seen before clip from the show, now available:

While much wildlife filming goes on the biggest beasts “the micro-world is by far the richest source of new stories because it so often gets overlooked,” said Mr. Hugh-Jones. “Thanks to the latest camera technology, it’s possible to bring this hidden world to life and reveal the incredible characters that inhabit it,” he added.

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