Winners of the TMO Roddenberry Vault Giveaway Announced

Star Trek's NCC-1701 Star Ship Enterprise

On January 9th, TMO published our Background Mode interview with producer Rod Roddenberry. Rod is carrying on in his father’s footsteps, Gene, the creator of Star Trek. Rod is the chief executive of Roddenberry Entertainment and the founder of the Roddenberry Foundation. And he’s currently working with the CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery. Rod’s foundation funds small grants focused on early-stage unconventional ideas that can disrupt and serve the greater good for mankind. Rod was a terrific guest.

The Roddenberry Vault
The Roddenberry Vault on Blu-ray.

As part of that podcast, Rod generously provided TMO with three copies of his new release on Bu-ray, The Rodddenberry Vault to give away. In this Blu-ray 3-disc set, Rod has collected together never before seen clips from the cutting room floor of Star Trek: The Original Series. There is much, much more in that set including 12 complete fan favorite episodes. 

We announced the giveaway the same day, “A TMO Giveaway: Win a Copy of the Roddenberry Vault on Blu-ray.” Three winners would be selected from those who answered a question about something Rod said in the podcast.

On January 27th, we selected three winners at random from all the correct submissions by listeners. They were

Aaron A.

Joel B.

Richard P.

Congratulations to the winners and enthusiastic listeners of TMO’s Background Mode. Your Roddenberry Vault will be mailed this week.

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