Withings Ups the Health Watch Game with ScanWatch

LAS VEGAS, NV — Withings is adding a third entry to their health watch lineup with ScanWatch, offering both ECG and SPO2 sensing. Cara Morgan, Public Relations, told us about the unique features of this new product.

ScanWatch is described as the first watch with both ECG and Sleep Apnea detection.  This is accomplished by the exclusive heart and SpO2 sensor.  For the heart, you’ll receive notifications when your heart rate is too high or low, and if irregular rhythms are detected.  And by placing ones opposite hand on the watch, it functions as a one-lead ECG.  For sleep, the watch monitors your oxygen levels by emitting and absorbing a light wave that passes through the blood vessels.  Sudden drops in SPO2 could indicate the body has inadequate oxygen during sleep.

Withings ScanWatch

You can also improve your heart fitness with the help of dedicated workout metrics, a Fitness Score via VO2 max, and a GPS and altimeter to detect floors climbed during a workout.  The ScanWatch also has a battery life of up to 30 days.  The watch comes with a black or white face, with the 38mm model priced as $249 USD, and the 42mm model priced at $299 USD.  The watch will be released pending FDA approval, which we were told will occur in a couple of months.

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