Lumicharge Updates Their Multifunction Device Lineup with LumiCharge LD

LAS VEGAS, NV — LumiCharge is showing a new version of their multifunction device, the Lumicharge LD, at CES 2020. Balaji Raghunathan, Vice President, gave us a demonstration of the new device.

LumiCharge LD

LumiCharge LD combines many of the features from the company’s line of multi-use desk fixtures into a smaller footprint.  It starts with an LED lamp that can display multiple colors and brightness levels.  The charging features include both 10 W wireless charging, as well as the patented universal (USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning) charging dock.  There’s also a bluetooth wireless speaker, and a clock display with dimmable backlight.  There’s also a memory card slot and audio out jack on the rear of the unit.  Finally, there’s voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant.

LumiCharge-LD is available for preorder for $99 USD.

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