CES 2020: Twitter’s New ‘Conversation Participants’ Feature

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At CES Twitter’s director of product management Suzanne Xie announced a feature coming to the platform later this year called Conversation Participants (via The Verge).

Twitter Conversation Participants

This feature will give you control over who can reply to your tweets. Four options to manage this are Global, Group, Panel, and Statement. Global will let anyone reply, Group is for people you follow and mention, Panel is people you mention in the tweet. Statement won’t let anyone reply to your tweet.

Twitter is “in the process of doing research on the feature. The mock ups are going to be part of an experiment we’re going to run” in Q1. It will take learnings from that experiment and use them to launch the feature globally later this year.

“Getting ratio’d, getting dunked on, the dynamics that happen that we think aren’t as healthy are definitely part of …our thinking about this.

Other features that are coming include a conversation view to put conversations “on one screen,” as well as improvements to lists, like making it easier to find them and customizing how they look.

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