WWDC 2020: All The Recap Videos From This Year’s Conference

WWDC 2020 Day 1 highlights

Every day at WWDC 2020, Serenity Caldwell produced a video roundup of the day’s events. They were initially launched on the Developer App and site but also appeared on YouTube.

WWDC 2020 Day 1 highlights

WWDC 2020 Recap Day One

The day one roundup featured all the highlights from the keynote and state of the union. This included announcements and reveals around iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, and Apple Silicon.

Day Two Recap

The recap of day two at WWDC 2020 features WidgetKit and the App Clip.  Some new features and enhancements in iPadOS 14 were also discussed.

Day Three Recap

The tech side of Wednesday at WWDC 2020 involved a look at new Game Center features. Away from tech, there was a discussion between former Attorney General Eric Holder and Apple VP Lisa Jackson on race in America.

Day Four Recap

The penultimate day of the conference explored new Siri and SwiftUI 2.0, functionality. There was also discussion about providing keyboard and mouse support for iPad games, and optimizing a Mac Catalyst app.

The Final Day of WWDC 2020

Day five of the conference looked at designing for location privacy, the latest updates to Swift Playgrounds, and discussion on background task timeouts.

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