You Can Now Use Apple Pay at Costco

You can now use Apple Pay at Costco warehouses, and soon gas stations. The company has added contactless terminals at store checkouts and gas stations, but the gas station ones aren’t in use yet (via CNET).

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Apple Pay at Costco

Apple Pay is available at all 750 Costco locations in the United States and are ready to use now. It didn’t say when the gas station terminals would be ready to use.

Apple Pay logo. You can now use Apple Pay at Costco.Until now Costco has been a big holdout. You could use Apple Pay to make Costco home delivery purchases with Instacart, but not use it directly in the stores. Apple Pay now has over 250 million users around the world.

Retail adoption of Apple Pay in stores has been slow, because contactless terminals aren’t as widespread in the United States as the rest of the world. Time to catch up!

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3 thoughts on “You Can Now Use Apple Pay at Costco

    1. I have a membership card and a Costco credit card, the card is in my Apple Pay along with my bank debit card and some retailer cards. I almost never carry my credit card, but always carry my membership card. The benefit of Apple Pay is the option to pay by debit or credit card.

  • I had a problem the 2 times that I tried it and it told me incorrect password, but never asked me to enter it. It might be a coding error in the system at my local Costco

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