You Can Play StreamVR Games on Apple Vision Pro, but Setting It up Is Not Easy

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro has been out for a while now, and we have seen people do crazy things with it. Be it a teardown showcasing the interior of the headset, a durability test, or people wearing the device while driving. In this Apple Vision Pro Wildwest, a developer has the device working on SteamVR, allowing it to act as a Windows PC VR headset. 

Recently, Apple announced more than 600 new apps for the Vision Pro, allowing users to play more than 250 games from Apple Arcade on the device. Days after this announcement, a software developer, Zhuowei Zhang, managed to get SteamVR working on the Vision Pro using ALVR. 

For those unaware, ALVR is an Android client app with a Windows streamer. Zhang has also shared the code and instructions to set it up, alongside a clip showcasing SteamVR ruing on Apple Vision Pro in full glory. 

However, there are some jitters and visual artifacts noticeable in the clip while using SteamVR on the Vision Pro. Even if the developer fixes these issues, there is no guarantee that all SteamVR games will work with Vision Pro. Almost all SteamVR games require tracked controllers to work, and Vision Pro doesn’t come with controllers or support any. 

Beat Saber on Vision Pro!

Anyways, thanks to this development, other developers are already making popular games work on the Vision Pro. For instance, someone managed to run Beat Saber, one of the best setting VR games, on Vision Pro using ALVR. 

However, since the game requires tracked controllers, it’s likely that the developer is using SteamVR Tracking base stations and Index controllers with OpenVR Space Calibrator to manually align them and make this work. 

Again, the process of setting it up is difficult and time-consuming, but when done currently, it lets you play games on Vision Pro in a playable, stable state.

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