You’ll Be Able to Talk to Siri While FaceTiming, Latest Apple Patent Suggests

siri talk in facetime

Apple is reportedly looking to integrate Siri with FaceTime, according to the latest patent published today.

According to the document, users will be able to interact with Siri during FaceTime calls in real time. Imagine being able to ask Siri for directions or a weather forecast without having to leave the call—Siri will respond as if it’s part of the conversation.

Right now, you can ask Siri to make a FaceTime call for you, but making it a part of the call will definitely revolutionize the way we communicate.

Here’s what the patent application says:

“An example includes, during a video communication session between at least two devices, receiving a voice input at one device, generating and trans­mitting to a server a textual representation of the voice input, receiving from the server a shared transcription including both the textual representation of the voice input and one or more additional textual representations generated by another device, and determining and presenting one or more candi­date tasks based on the shared transcription.”

This aligns with Apple’s ongoing efforts to make Siri an integral part of its ecosystem. We’ve already heard about all the AI improvements coming in the future, but recent Apple patents also suggest even more capabilities.

For instance, Apple is already working on making Siri a part of group chats in iMessage and providing live on-screen graphical overlays of video events.

Since the information about Siri’s potential integration with FaceTime comes solely from a patent application, we still don’t know when it may be coming, but it’s intriguing to see the direction Apple is taking with its virtual assistant.

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